Revolving Fund And Consumables Department

Mr S.A. Lawal,

Deputy Director/ Head, Revolving Fund & Consumables Unit/Management.

Dept. E-mail:

In September 2018, the Management created the Revolving Fund and Consumable Unit out of the Office of the Chairman, MAC. The mandate of the Unit is to coordinate and handle the secretariat services of all the Revolving Fund Scheme of the Hospital. This is to ensure that clinical services are not interrupted through the prompt purchase of drugs, reagents, dressing and other consumables items

 In essence, it is the responsibility of the Unit to ensure that clinical items are available at all times in the hospital thereby eradicating the out of stock syndrome.

The Revolving Fund Scheme comprises of statutory members which are stated as follows-:

  1. Chairman, MAC                                            Chairman
  2. Project Manager                                           Member
  3. Department Operator(s)                                Member
  4. Head, Stores & Supplies                                Member
  5. Head, Procurement                                       Member
  6. Head, Accounts & Finance                             Member
  7. Head, Audit                                                  Member
  8. Accountant Revolving Fund Scheme                Member
  9. Head, Revolving Fund & Consumables Unit      Member/Secretary

As of date, the under listed are the Revolving Fund Scheme operating in the Hospital-:

  1. Essential Drugs Revolving Fund Scheme           (EDRF)
  2. Operation Pack Revolving Fund Scheme            (OPRF)
  3. Ophthalmology Revolving Fund Scheme            (ORF)
  4. ENT Revolving Fund Scheme                            (ENTRF)
  5. Emergency Clinical Revolving Fund Scheme      (ECRF)
  6. Medical Rehabilitation Revolving Fund Scheme  (MRRF)
  7. Laboratory Revolving Fund Scheme                 (LRF)
  8. Renal Unit Revolving Fund Scheme                  (RURF)
  9. Radiology Revolving Fund Scheme                   (RRF)
  10. Dental Service Revolving Fund Scheme            (DRF)
  11. Anaesthesia/ICU Revolving Fund Scheme         (AICURF)
  12. Health Information Management Revolving Fund Scheme (HIMRF)

The Management is also preparing to set up the Assisted Reproductive Technology Revolving Fund Scheme (ARTRF) for the ART Unit and the NHIS Revolving Fund Scheme for the NHIS.

The usual resumption time is 8.00am while the closing time is 4.00pm. However, this may extend depending on the inflow of request from the various Departments under the Revolving Fund Schemes and other assignment/task of the Unit.

The Unit is saddled with the following responsibilities-:

  1. Liaise with the Chairman of the committee (CMAC) on all revolving fund issues.
  2. Serve as the secretariat of all Revolving Fund meeting i.e production of minutes of meeting, custody of documents and correspondence.
  3. Organize meetings of Revolving Funds e.g. Notice, Agenda & logistics
  4. Placing of advertisement for supply of items as at when due.
  5. Handle the opening of tenders and preparation of spreadsheet for awards.
  6. Ensure that all letters of awards are produced in line with the decisions of the meetings of the Revolving Fund Scheme.
  7. Process the revalidation or re-award of the Revolving Fund Scheme after approval by the Management.
  8. Information dissemination between the secretariat, end users and other stakeholders of the Scheme.
  9. Taking steps/actions to resolve challenges of Revolving Fund Scheme or directing the issue to the appropriate quarters for resolution.
  10. Carrying out other duties as assigned by the Management.
  • S.A Lawal                                    Deputy Director/ Head, RFs &Cs
  • R.O Mohammed                           Principal Admin Officer
  • I.A Gambari                                 Principal Admin Officer
  • Mr  J Adedoyin                             Admin Officer II
  • M.O Olowookere                          Admin Officer II
  • R.R Abeye                                   Scientific Officer II
  • E.O Ugwoke                                Scientific Officer II
  • Miss A.B Yusuf                            Scientific Officer II
  • F.F Thomas                                 Principal Confidential Secretary
  • T.S Jimoh                                   Chief Clerical Officer
  • H. Hammed                                Office Assistance