Patients' Bill Of Rights


  1. Access to all relevant information on treatment
  2. Access to patient’s cards and provider’s qualifications
  3. Full disclosure of all the cost of treatment
  4. Access to confidentiality of all medical records
  5. Good quality of care
  6. Access to respect and dignity of care from the care providers
  7. Access to Emergency care 
  8. Right to visitation according to provider’s rules and regulations.
  9. Right to refusal of care.
  10. Information on interruption or disengagement of health care services.
  11. Express dissatisfaction with  mode of treatment
  12. Respect and dignity of care from the care provider.


  1. Seek information on provider’s Health care services.
  2. Ask for qualification of Health care provider and the scope of the Health care services to be provided
  3. Prompt payment  of all bills incurred
  4. Truthful and accurate disclosure of medical history
  5. Ability to give full explanation during treatment
  6. Respect the right of other patients
  7. Recognize that emergency treatment is not free
  8. Respect operational role of the service provider for the safety and security of all
  9. Compliance to rules and regulations of the facility.
  10. In the case of interruption of health care services, inquire for suitable alternative.
  11. Provide sufficient details when there is a complaint


  1. Provide information on treatment in areas such as:-services, treatment, records etc.
  2. Conspicuously display scope of practice and all available service.
  3. Provide immediate and sufficient attention in an emergency.
  4. Respect and maintain confidentiality of patients’ records.
  5. Maintain records of provider’s current certificate and license to practice
  6. Treat Patients with dignity irrespective of their status.
  7. Give immediate treatment in a case of emergency.
  8. Inform patients and relative on visitation rules and regulation.
  9. Accept the right of patient to refuse care.
  10. Reschedule patient care in the event of interruption of services
  11. Encourage   patient to ask question.
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